「The World's 50 Best Bars 2020」


「The World's 50 Best Bars 2020」

30.10.2020 #News!News!News!

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そう、毎年恒例の「The World's 50 Best Bars 2020」の発表です。

残念ながら今年はオンラインでのバーチャルセレモニーとなりますが、公式のFacebookやYou Tubeで中継するそうなので、オンラインで盛り上がりましょう!



The World's 50 Best Bars

The World's 50 Best Bars公式Facebook

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51. Scout/London, UK
52. Dr. Stravinsky/Barcelona, Spain
53. No Sleep Club (New Entry)/Singapore
54. Scarfes Bar/London, UK
55. Danico/Paris, France
56. AHA Saloon (New Entry)/Taipei, Taiwan
57. Speak Low/Shanghai, China
58. The Old Man Singapore/Singapore
59. Hanky Panky/Mexico City, Mexico
60. La Factoría/Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

61. The Pontiac/Hong Kong, China
62. Vesper (New Entry)/Bangkok, Thailand
63. Donovan Bar/London, UK
64. Tippling Club (New Entry)/Singapore
65. Schumann's/Munich, Germany
66. Siete Negronis/Santiago, Chile
67. Galaxy Bar (New Entry)/Dubai, UAE
68. Sub Astor/São Paulo, Brazil
69. Sin + Tax/Johannesburg, South Africa
70. Cafe La Trova (New Entry)/Miami, USA

71. The Dead Rabbit/New York, USA
72. Baltra Bar (New Entry)/Mexico City, Mexico
73. The Everleigh (New Entry)/Melbourne, Australia
74. Pacific Cocktail Haven (New Entry)/San Francisco, USA
75. Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen (New Entry)/Cape Town, South Africa
76. Rabbit Hole (New Entry)/Bangkok, Thailand
77. Trick Dog/San Francisco, USA
78. Happiness Forgets/London, UK
79. Le Syndicat/Paris, France
80. Byrdi (New Entry)/Melbourne, Australia

81. Bar Mood (New Entry)/Taipei, Taiwan
82. Kumiko (New Entry)/Chicago, USA
83. The Wise King (New Entry)/Hong Kong, China
84. Above Board (New Entry)/Melbourne, Australia
85. Tres Monos (New Entry)/Buenos Aires, Argentina
86. 28 HongKong Street/Singapore
87. Freni e Frizioni (New Entry)/Rome, Italy
88. Art of Duplicity (New Entry)/Cape Town, South Africa
89. Death & Co (New Entry)/New York, USA
90. Officina Milano (New Entry)/Milan, Italy

91. Sidecar (New Entry)/New Delhi, India
92. Gibson (New Entry)/Singapore
93. Draft Land (New Entry)/Taipei, Taiwan
94. Amor y Amargo/New York, USA
95. Gen Yamamoto (New Entry)/Tokyo, Japan
96. Electric Bing Sutt/Beirut, Lebanon
97. Lost & Found/Nicosia, Cyprus
98. Black Pearl/Melbourne, Australia
99. Bar Raval (New Entry)/Toronto, Canada
100. Bar Trench/Tokyo, Japan

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